The Drexel Basketball Drinking Game

Instead of analyzing, let's get drunk.

I said it in my last post. Drexel is just a below average team with some talent that doesn't play defense. 

I wasn't surprised that they lost to Charleston, Northeastern and Hofstra on the road, and I won't be surprised when they beat Delaware and UNCW at home in the final two games of the season. This is a fickle team who play up to competition at home, can't seem to win on the road, and win and lose in head scratching fashion. 

I just can't figure them out, so I'll spend my time giving you something more substantial. 

The Official Drexel Basketball Drinking Game. 

Whether you're watching on your iPad, silently praying your app won't freeze up at a key time, or telling yourself no matter how bad it gets, you won't throw your phone at the wall while watching, the Drexel Drinking Game is sure to increase your enjoyment. And, if they lose, it won't be as bad.


The Rules

  1. If a player who was assumed to be playing is not dressed for any reason  - Finish Your Drink
  2. If Paul Fortier is wearing his forest green suit that makes him look like a Christmas tree - Take Three Sips
  3. If Zach Spiker is wearing a tie clip - Take Two Sips
  4. If the Dragons score first - Take One Sip.
  5. If the opponent scores first - Take Two Sips.
  6. Each time Stretch Williams Blocks a shot - Take One Sip (This should get you drunk)
  7. If Tramaine Isabell is fouled at the rim and it is not called -Take Two Sips (This might give you alcohol poisoning)
  8. Each Drexel Turnover - Take One Sip (This may kill you)
  9. If Sammy Mojica hits a corner three - Take One Sip
  10. If Sammy Mojica hits a three from anywhere but the corner - Take Two Sips
  11. For each time Rob Brooks mentions Rob Falcone - Drink Half of your Drink ( or radio broadcasts only)
  12. If an official tells Zach Spiker to move back into the coaches box - Take One Sip
  13. If Tramaine Isabell leads the team in rebounding at the end of the game - Take Three Sips
  14. Each time the opponent hits a three pointer - Take One Sip
  15. If the three pointer was uncontested - Take an additional sip
  16. If Zach Spiker is feverishly clapping and the team is down 10+ points - Take Three Sips
  17. If the opposition finishes the game with 90 or more points - Finish Your Drink
  18. If Tadas Kararinas hits a three - Take Three Sips
  19. If Austin Williams hit a three - Go to a beer store, buy a keg, get a friend, and proceed to do a keg stand until I say stop.
  20. For each time Troy Harper argues with an official - Take One Sip
  21. If Tramaine Isabell reaches 20 points - Take Two Sips
  22. If Tramaine Isabell reaches 30 points - Take Three Sips
  23. If Tramaine Isabell reaches 40 points - Finish your drink, get a fresh drink, and finish that
  24. If Kevin Doi enters the game - Finish Your Drink
  25. If Troy Harper throws one down - Take Two Sips
  26. For each Kurk Lee assist - Take One Sip
  27. If the Dragons miss a free throw - Take One Sip
  28. If an Opposing Player reaches 25+ points - Take Two Sips
  29. If Zach Spiker slaps the scorers table in anger - Take Three Sips
  30. If the Dragons Win - Finish You Drink
  31. If the Dragons Lose - Finish Your Drink
  32. If Eric Zillmer (the real Zillmer) Tweets something tone deaf following the game - Take Three Sips
  33. If Fake Zillmer Tweets something you thought was real Zillmer - Finish Your Drink

Ok, I think 33 rules for 33rd Street ought to do it. I'm sure I'm missing some great rules, so if you have anything to add hit me up on Twitter @magnificentball and we'll fine tune this thing until we're properly loaded to either celebrate wins or enjoy losses. 

Just a reminder, Thursday night at the DAC we have Delaware. Please, please, please show up if you can and be loud. If you can't, give this game a whirl and let me know how it goes. Of course, do so responsibly.