Drexel Takes on UMBC Tomorrow, Show up. Be Loud.

I was listening to a college football podcast before the season began, and the host had a gambling “expert” on.

The expert said that the way oddsmakers factor in home field advantage varies. If a game is being played at Beaver Stadium in front of 110,000 fans, oddsmakers will certainly take that into consideration because they know crowd noise can affect the outcome of a game.

The expert mentioned that while getting in the players heads is a big part of it, a loud crowd, in a gamblers mind, can influence the way the officials make calls.

The point I'm getting at here is crowd noise and a raucous environment plays a huge role on the outcome of a game.

I wrote a few days ago that it would be a major boost for the Dragons if they could win both games against Loyola and UMBC. A victory over Loyola on Wednesday gives Drexel a great opportunity to be 6-4 and ride a 3-game win streak to Connecticut.

Tipoff for the game against UMBC is set for 12/8 at 2:00PM at The DAC.

UMBC is a very strong team who lived a real life fairy tale when they knocked off Virginia in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. They have every intention to make some magic happen this season.

They are going to win their share of games this season, but let’s do everything in our power to make sure they don’t get one on Saturday.

The DAC Pack has been great this year and I'm confident they will make the game 40 minutes of pure hell on the Retrievers. If you’re a current student reading this who hasn’t gone to a game yet or maybe hasn’t stood with the DAC Pack yet, please do so on Saturday. You’ll have fun. I swear.

Alumns, it’s a Saturday afternoon game, between two evenly matched teams, both of whom made history last season. If you want to get to the DAC for a game this year, this is a good one. Plus, one of our fellow alums planned out the perfect day for you right here, so take in the game and follow those guidelines for a great day.

Faculty and Staff, Drexel is running special ticket prices for you and your family for this game only. You are the leaders on the campus so please show some school spirit!

All of the information you need and how to purchase tickets can be found by clicking this link: I am a Dragon and I'm dedicated to being loud on Saturday.

Again, I’m nothing more than one of a group of fans who take Drexel basketball seriously and want to win games and have fun. I have no incentive to push Drexel hoops tickets other than I know The DAC can be the most difficult arena to play in in the entire country.

It has been a great season for the Dragons at The DAC so far this year as they stand at 4-1 at home. The environment has been fun, and continues to improve. Let’s come together Drexel community and make Saturday the best environment yet.