The Tramaine Event

Tramaine Isabell gets a hair cut and goes for 40

On the Wednesday before Drexel played Elon at home, in a game which they would go on to win 83-79, Tramaine Isabell posted the Drexel team photo to his Instagram account. 

He captioned the photo with "Nobody wins when the family feuds" and "NoMoreFro".

You can read into the feuding family part all you want, and I am sure, and I would honestly hope, tempers are flaring in that locker room. Of course, I have no idea what exactly Isabell was referring to, but when you're sitting at 7-14 and 1-7 in the conference, it is understandable that emotions would be running high. Ask anyone who has ever been in a losing locker room.

I would be concerned if these guys didn't care, and didn't get after each other, and didn't compete hard in practice. Good teams challenge each other, and up to a certain point that is healthy, expected and understandable. 

Again, I am just speculating and maybe he was just quoting a lyric from a song that I'm too dull to know, so instead of further speculating about the family feud part, I'm going to focus on the other part. 

As a Drexel fan, I really needed something to hang my hat on, pardon the pun, and Isabell getting shaped up may be just the thing. 

Basketball, and sports in general are weird. Sometimes the most trivial, minor happenings transform a team. 

Remember when Klay Thompson autographed that toaster and the Warriors went on a 31-2 run? Or how about in 1952 when two brothers in Detroit threw an octopus on the ice during the first playoff game for the Red Wings that season? The Wings then swept both series en route to the Stanley Cup.

Maybe Isabell shaving the afro is just the touch of weirdness this team needs. Or, maybe I still need something to hang my hat on.

The fact is, in the first game post-fro, Isabell went for 40 points to lead Drexel past Elon. 

He shot 14 of 23 and 7 of 11 from three. He also had 6 boards 3 assists 3 steals and only 1 turnover. In a game where Kurk Lee and Sammy Mojica both struggled to find their touch, Isabell came up big to lead Drexel to a much needed win. 

One of the things I love about Isabells game is how efficient he is scoring the ball. Before this last Elon game, he was averaging 18.5 points per game, and taking just over 13 shots. That being said, I want him to shoot the ball more. 

He is a smart player who has a great feel for the game, so he understands that he sometimes needs to be in takeover mode, and he was last night. 

Isabell is probably not going to be able to go 7-11 from three every night, but he was bombing them from NBA range and drilling them against Elon. I believe that Isabell is a confident player to begin with, but when any player sees a few shots fall, it's easier to pull the trigger on the next. 

Aside from getting the W, when a player does something exceptional, it doesn't go unnoticed. Isabell's big scoring night generated some buzz for Drexel which is always beneficial for fans, recruits and the school in general. 

Isabell will be dogged all day come Saturday when the Dragons take on the first place team in the CAA, Northeastern. Those guys don't want to get torched for 40 like Elon did, so expect Isabell to use his smarts and make things easier for his teammates. 

Of course, a player with Isabells talents might just find a way, and if he goes off again and the Dragons get another monster win, I'll be sitting outside the DAC with a pair of clippers willing to shave the heads of anyone who wants to get on board with the NoMoreFro movement.