LE - Rodney Williams


  • Rodney Williams signs with Maccabi Ra’anana
  • Offseason workout and training
  • Adjusting to Spiker’s system and the team’s future
  • Senior season expectations + CAA Honors
  • Impact of Bruiser leaving
  • Favorite Drexel Moments
  • How he became a Dragon

We would like to thank Rodney Williams for coming on the podcast. We had a blast talking to him about Drexel Basketball and learning more about him as a fan and fellow Drexel Alum. We wish him all the luck as he travels to a new country and plays with another Drexel Legend Samme Givens and hope to see him back in his favorite city soon.

LE - Major and Elgin


  • 2013-14 Season
  • 2016-17 Season
  • The Trials of Major Canady
  • Bruiser v Spiker style of Coaching
  • Drexel Basketball Future
  • Coach Canady and President Ford

If you haven’t had the chance, to read Benjamin Simon’s article on Empire of Philadelphia Basketball on Major, we highly recommend it: The Trials of Major Canady - The Empire

Also we would like to thank both Major and Elgin for making the time to be on our podcast. We had a great time talking and learning more about these two incredible young men. We want to wish them the best of luck as they embark on their separate but sure to be illustrious paths.

SE - Delaware Sucks

This was a special episode recorded prior to the Delaware game, from the DAC (specifically the Landmark Americana). We reminisced about the beginning of the DAC Pack and our favorite Drexel Game memory and in between had some very special guests, the current DAC Pack Administration charged with continuing the tradition. 

Thank you Joe, Nick and Sean for helping with putting together this episode, the turnout at the game was awesome! And for old time's sake check out the original DAC Pack website.

Go Dragons!

5 - Not In San Diego Anymore

  • Follow Up
    • @CrustyOldDragon is the Winner and Sole Competitor of Dragonscast Pick'em
    • @DrachenFire82 thinks we were a little too harsh on Kari Jonsson
  • Games Discussed
    • Drexel @ James Madison (L)
    • Drexel v Northeastern (L)
    • Drexel v UNC Wilmington (L)
  • Team/Player Highlights
    • Kurk and Kari Freshman Progression
    • Miles Overton Finding Consistency
    • John 'en fuego' Moran
    • Major Canady's Major Contribution
    • Will Rodney make CAA First Team?
  • Suits
  • Delaware Game Special Episode

3 - Smallest of Small Data

  • Games Discussed
    • Drexel @ Niagara (L)
    • La Salle v Drexel (L)
    • Drexel @ Lafayette (W)
    • Drexel @ High Point (W)
  • Team Highlights
    • When the new uptempo style of play goes wrong
    • Defensive woes as we adjust to a defense that plays not just Man
    • First close and ugly game of the season ends with a W
    • The trouble with Foul trouble
  • Players of Note
    • Kari 'Iceman' Jonsson Career Game
    • Miles Overton the Closer
    • Rodney's place in Drexel Big Man Hall of Fame
    • Emergence of Austin Williams and Tyshawn Miles
  • 2011-12 Stat Sheet
  • Tiny Data